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English Serbian Translation Services

Translation services

We are proud of being able to make you an offer within a couple of hours, and deliver shorter translation projects on the very same day!

Website and software localisation

Our specialty is a translation and localization of IT software solutions.

Content Writing

One of the current market demands are commercial texts for online media written according to the SEO browser guidelines. The agency “Libra” participates in dozens of online projects as a content creator. We design and write original, quality and well-structured articles, interviews and announcements, whose one common characteristic is providing an additional value to the topic they describe.

SEO Services

In case you need content-related and SEO services (On page optimization & Off page optimization), feel free to contact us and we will arrange an online meeting.

Life science

We try to encourage creativity through new methods and developments on the brink of science.

How to start cooperation?

Ana Todorović Radetić, professor of English

Ana Todorović Radetić

CEO of Libra Prevodioci.co.rs

  • 1. Request a cost estimate! If you have an article, a technical manual, or a legal document which needs to be translated, feel free to ask us for a cost and time estimate. Put your trust in us and you will be pleasantly surprised by the quality-cost rate we offer!

  • 2. Within a couple of hours you will receive a concrete offer, including the number of translation pages, cost per page, as well as the delivery time of the translation. We can also offer you professional proofreading services provided by experts in this field.

  • 3. Along with the offer we will also send you our foreign currency bank account or our PayPal account, and you may pay whichever way you prefer. After the registration of the payment, the agreed cooperation will be initialized.

About us in 3 steps

Translation languages

Languages For Which We Are Specialized

Our team of translators is in a state of a constant growth. We have both full-time and part-time translators. Besides, we get calls from creative people engaged in various fields (literature, web writing...), and we are currently able to offer specialized translation services for English, Russian, German, Chinese, Bulgarian, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, and French. To learn more about this category, please click on the "Services" and "Translation Rates" tabs above. "The number of languages you know is the number of people you're worth" has always been our slogan.

Transparent process

Transparent process and Deadlines

Our guiding principle is to make our translation process as transparent as possible so that the client would be able to know at any moment what to expect and how much each of the items would cost them. The price is influenced by several factors, one of the most important being the certification provided by a certified court interpreter. One of the most important parameters in this field of work is meeting deadlines. In addition to quality, we also provide very precise estimates, and thus in case of short deadlines we either employ additional resources or don't accept the job. In our experience, a satisfied client is the sole sign of a long-term presence on the market...

A step further

A step further

Unlike other translation agencies, we are determined to go one step further. On our website we have started an expert blog for the purpose of expounding the process of acquiring and perfecting language skills to the end user. On the blog you may find many interesting presentations from certain areas of Serbian and English grammars, but also workshops with topics like business communication, correspondence etiquette, etc. We are using this opportunity to invite all creative people who would like to write for the Web, and are at the same time experts in a certain grammatical, linguistic, or translation discipline, to join us on our blog.

Quality translation from one language into another

What is meant by a quality translation from one language into another? If you are a professional, it should go without saying that you want a flawlessly and professionally translated text. With the present market offering free translators and translation tools on the Internet, an increasing number of users are opting for easily available and free-of-charge translation services.

However, what linguists find to be the most conspicuous thing about these texts are errors in gender, case, and tense agreement, as well as grammatical and semantic mistakes.

A semantic mistake most commonly implies an incorrect choice of words with respect to their meaning. In English, like in many other languages, a lot of words have more than one meaning.

One can hardly expect a long-term sustainable service from automated software translators. Let us call to mind some recent scandals made public, involving the highest government officials and their use of software translators without proofreading. Namely, when the program selects an offered solution among the existing ones, it is not able to predict the appropriate textual context, but only to choose one of the options at random. The point is, a computer may choose a word of a completely inappropriate meaning, which alters the whole given context and misses the point of the text. Therefore, for instance, a semantic mistake made in relation to the key word in the text may result in a completely wrong translation. Of course, an automated text translation can certainly save time and other resources as a short-term solution.

A linguist, on the other hand, closely follows the context, searches for and examines all the meanings of a particular word, and, together with an expert associate from the given field, translates the text. The result of this is a correct translation, which is crucial for the user.

It is on you whether you will choose a professional agency for translation to and from Serbian, English, and German, or a nonprofessionally translated text. And we guarantee you quality.

Ana Todorović Radetić, CEO of Prevodioci.co.rs

Always on duty


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All content on this website is the property of our agency "Prevodioci.co.rs", and any use thereof without prior written consent is prohibited. All information has been created for the sole purpose of helping with a certain process of foreign language learning, vocabulary expansion, diction, improving grammar skills, etc.

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We consider all texts and translations, as well as client-related data, strictly confidential and as such they cannot be distributed to any third parties.

What People Say About Us

As the owner of SeoExpert.rs company, I am very well aware of how much multilingual websites are important to my clients. The online competition is growing ever stronger, and the only inviolable thing is a quality service. That is why we have cooperated for many years.


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